DAY 48– Sunday, February 27th, 2022 MILITARY

BIBLE TEXT(S): DAY 48– Sunday, February 27th, 2022 MILITARY2Tim 2:1-4, Psa 91:1-16
Military are well organized armed forces, primarily prepared for warfare. They are officially trained to defend the territorial integrity of a nation. These men and women need prayers in order to effectively defend the territory and prevail against the enemies of our nation


  1. Let us worship our God who neither sleep nor slumber in watching over our nation. Psa 121:2
  2. Let’s thank God the Almighty for being the chief security officer in charge of our nation territory. Psa 127:1-2
  3. Father; thank you for the military and all other security agencies in my nation in Jesus name.
  4. Thank you for their trainings, their sacrifices and boldness. 2Tim 1:7
  5. Father, we plead for your mercy over all our security men and women in any way they have taking laws into their hands and fallen short of
  6. Father, protect them from any form of harm and keep their families safe in Jesus name. Psa 91:7
  7. Father, by Your mercy give as many of them who are yet to know You, your salvation for physical and eternal security in Jesus name. Joh 3:3
  8. Father, may you never allow strange bullet to touch them in Jesus name. Isa. 54:17.
  9. Father, cause them to be alert at all times and fortify them against the arrows of the enemy in Jesus name.

10.Father, be their eyes and ears, give them angelic assistant to fight on their behalf in Jesus name. Psa 91:11

11.Father, by your grace, may they be full of courage and bravery in their duty in Jesus name. Jas 1:5

12.Father, impart them with your wisdom and understanding and guide them in all decisions in Jesus name. Prov 2:3

13.Father, do not allow our military to be depressed in their service in Jesus name Prov 24:10

14.Father, deliver them from alcoholism and drugs but help them to be drunk with the Holy Ghost. Pro 31:6

15.Father; help them not to put their trust on their ammunition but on you in Jesus name. Acts 4:12